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Entry #6

The Swinger

2012-06-18 21:23:26 by Getorix

Finally, I have posted something other than music to this website. My music is terrible, I know, very repetitive, and I lost the program I was using to make them and have not been able to get it back yet. This is not the reason for this post though. I have been putting up some webcomics on this site. Inspiration comes from my buddy and a comic he used to doodle back in high school.

Now, some of you may not like it because of the style I use, and it's just a simple fact that I did not want to go for an overly done super detailed work. In fact, part of the comedy is from the rough draft sketch style of presentation. The series will all be based on Murphy's Law type of comedy. Meaning, what can go wrong, will go wrong.

Here is the latest one I submitted: er-sun


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