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The Swinger

2012-06-18 21:23:26 by Getorix

Finally, I have posted something other than music to this website. My music is terrible, I know, very repetitive, and I lost the program I was using to make them and have not been able to get it back yet. This is not the reason for this post though. I have been putting up some webcomics on this site. Inspiration comes from my buddy and a comic he used to doodle back in high school.

Now, some of you may not like it because of the style I use, and it's just a simple fact that I did not want to go for an overly done super detailed work. In fact, part of the comedy is from the rough draft sketch style of presentation. The series will all be based on Murphy's Law type of comedy. Meaning, what can go wrong, will go wrong.

Here is the latest one I submitted: er-sun

Webcasting FTW!

2011-04-01 23:44:14 by Getorix

Yo, how's it going out there people of Newgrounds?

I've always loved newgrounds, and have been coming to this site since it's creation. Sadly though, I never caught the hang of flash due to my lack of using it. Flash is a badass program don't get me wrong, but just never got around to working with it. I have, however, had more time to work with video editing software (more or less jaycut which is what I'm using atm, but will be progressing to Premiere in the upcoming weeks).

Anyway, here are a couple of videos I have came up with and thought I would share here on the great community of Newgrounds. I will be posting more soon now that the weather is getting better. mHg0&feature=relmfu
Now it's a well known fact that I'm an asshole and my buddy Hippo likes to sleep during the day. I can't let that happen.

This one is for all of you skeptics out there believing that people cannot have superpowers! I really don't understand this irrational thinking, but watch the video and be amazed as I demonstrate some of the superpowers I posses.

Don't have enough funny in your life? Need your daily dose of random? Great for all ages, and those with a sense of humor. My designs are a combination of technical and simplistic to offer you visual and comedic pleasure. Check it out here:*

Webcasting FTW!

Am I the only one annoyed by all you two faced pricks that shed crocodile tears for this asshole? I don't give a shit what Michael Jackson did before he died, I don't give a shit how he died. Yeah he did make good music, back when he was black. But when he was a white woman all you people did was sit and insult him, did nothing but make flashes of killing him.

And now that he is dead? All you fucks want to sit there and act like you mourn for a loss. You people wanted him dead, I think he killed himself cause the media and the world, like all you fucks, drove him to it. Don't sit there and fake your fuckin wheeping man. You people make me sick. Two faced pricks.


2007-10-31 18:56:08 by Getorix

I am currently working on my first submission to this website. I have begun storyboarding for Season 1. Each season will contain 25 episodes, or as they will be called in this series, Nights. This series is going to be called Under Judgment, and it takes place in a Zombie-Style Post-Apocalyptic World.

I've already got all the characters' concept art down on paper, but I do not have a scanner so I cannot upload them to here. There's a total of 10 characters down on paper, including major and minor characters.

If all goes well with the First Season, I will make a game out of it, and then after I finish that up I'm going to start creating the second season.



Werabor -
Weapon - Katana and Crossbow on Left Forearm.
Clothing - Black Trenchcoat with Skull Emblem on back, black boonie hat with Skull Emblem on front, black belt with skull buckle, black boots with 3 metal buckles and metal plate on toe, and black gloves with 2 buckles. All articles of apparel are lined with kevlar and steel plating.
Features - Blonde hair, long. Blonde goatee. Average stature and build. Caucasian.
Personality - Doesn't care about much, only about himself. A man of few words, and stubborn.



Weapon - A giant hammer, with electrical charge.
Clothing - Standard X-Squadron Battlesuit, without helmet.
Features - Buzzcut, black. Large stature and build. African.
Personality - Enjoys fighting, and follows orders without question.

Weapon - 2 Giant Fist Pistons.
Clothing - Standard X-Squadron battlesuit, without helmet.
Features - Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Legs, and Arms have been replaced with robotic parts. Bald head. Giant stature and build. Caucasian.
Personality - Believes in the X-Squadron's plans of "reconstitution" and will die fighting for it.

Weapon - Scythe with detachable head, and can be used like Flail.
Clothing - Just a pair of pants and one X-Squadron shoulder pad on left shoulder, and always wears his Goggles.
Features - Has spikey hair and filed teeth. Small stature and build. Caucasian.
Personality - Literally out of his mind, he enjoys watching people suffer.

Weapon - Western-Broadsword and SMG on left forearm.
Clothing - X-Squadron Trenchcoat, black fingerless gloves, and black kneeboots.
Features - Short, black hair. Average stature and build. Caucasian.
Personality - Will do anything to get his way. Firmly believes in "If you are not with us, you are against us."


Weapon - Paranormal Powers and Giant Dual-Headed Serrated Sword.
Clothing - Red cloak.
Features - Rotting flesh, no lips or eyes. NORMAL - Small stature and build. TRANSFORMED - Giant stature and build. Pale blue skin.
Personality - The unsatiable desire for killing.



2007-08-16 23:37:53 by Getorix

I see that some people have came to my profile and posted comments on my previous post. I must say, that a couple of ya are just plain fucking idiots.

Just because I haven't SUBMITTED flash doesn't mean I've never CREATED flash. I have taken over 2 years of study in flash. I just don't create flash to submit to this website. I'm more of what they say, you know, a multimedia designer. I don't work just with flash, I work with a multitude of Adobe and Macromedia products. So for those who think I don't know how hard it is to animate a flash, or to create an image for a flash, or anything to do with flash just because my lack of submissions, you look at just a book's cover, and by even the dumbest of people, you would be considered a moron. So don't look at what I don't have and look at what I am. Idiots.

PS. I'm also not just a Multimedia Designer, I'm also a Cagefighter.


2007-07-19 17:52:13 by Getorix

No one is going to end up reading this, I highly doubt this will ever be read, but why are there so many dumbass flashes here on this site? Salad Fingers? Nameless? Foamy? Wtf? Get rid of this SHIT!